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I just like his insistance on writing "the Things"

Penny Arcade's comic and write-up today makes the new Marvel MMO game seem like some sort of surreal nightmare.

So we arrive in the zone and immediately notice that all the bad guys are already dead. We begin moving through the city streets and find more corpses scattered around. Eventually some bad guys spawn behind and run to catch up with us. I'm not sure why some gang thugs would run towards the Thing and Daredevil but they did and we beat them up. All the while we see groups of heroes running around just like you would in any other MMO. Over here you see three Scarlet Witches beating up some dudes. Around the corner you find four the Things and a couple Spidermans doing the same. Eventually we found a massive group fight against Electro and joined in. I was one of five the Things hitting this dude and I felt like a complete jackass. It's very cool to be the Thing. It's dumb to be one of many the Things. Also I have a hard time believing there are many bad guy type problems that five the Things could not solve.

By fnord12 | June 5, 2013, 7:17 PM | Comics & Video Games