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Next he'll show you his Eagle Briefs

The internet probably reached maximum saturation on Hostess ads long ago, but i can't really get enough of Ralph G. Fake.

Eagle maneuver.  Ha ha!  Wait, what?

I briefly wondered if the Tea Party tried suing Obama, but i didn't want to google it.

He destroys the bill of rights! And calls Spider-Man a "soft humanitarian" for complaining about it!

But i've always wondered why Legal Eagle, the Monster Eagle, would be green? I guess it's because he's a Monster Eagle? But i suspect the colorist just said "i guess that's the Vulture". I've seen this ad more times than i can count and i always have to remind myself it's not the Vulture. But that's the colorist's fault.

I do have to give the colorist credit for this scene where the Eagle's feathers just melt away after he turns back into Ralph G. Fake, though.

God, the wordplay. 'Stealing the rights?  Wrong!' 'For once you tell the truth, Fake!'  A lot of work was put into these things, people!

By fnord12 | June 5, 2013, 4:20 PM | Comics


i...i don't understand his body. why is he wearing ballet slippers?