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SuperMegaSpeed Reviews

Uncanny X-Force #6 - The pace of this book could be described as meandering, and i'm definitely missing Garney's art, but i'm still enjoying this. I liked that there was a resolution to the Psylocke/Spiral conflict, with an acknowledgement that Spiral was a victim of Mojo's, too. I'm also still hopeful that the Demon Bear story goes somewhere cool; i like it so far. And i'm actually liking Dexter Soy's art on the psychic plane. One thing that didn't work at all was the weird interspersal of scenes. You have Psylocke fighting Spiral mixed with scenes of her mentally talking with Wolverine, which might make you think they were happening simultaneously but then we're introduced to another scene where Psylocke is sitting around in a room with the other X-Force guys, and that's when the psychic meeting was really happening. Kinda weird choice. I also am back to not liking Humphries depiction of Puck. That "How much does it hurt where Logan chewed you out..." is totally out of character as far as i'm concerned.

X-Factor #257 - I was kinda hoping that we'd get away from the demon stuff after the end of the last arc. If this issue were actually focused on changing Madrox back from being a demon i would have been a little cooler with it (i'd have been even happier if it just magically happened between last issue and this one, though; say it's because the Hell Lords have all left Earth). But this was just a story about Madrox as a demon and i'm not really interested.

Wolverine #4 - So, umm, Wolverine has super-speed now? Ok, it's not Quicksilver super-speed, and i get how it's a logical use of his powers and i like that it's Victoria Frankenstein telling him how to do it, but really... Wolverine doesn't need to get any more powerful. This is the kind of thing you have to be really careful about introducing because pretty soon some other writer really is going to have Wolverine racing Quicksilver. I see that the next arc is called "Killable" though, and for some strange reason i've got the idea in my head that it means we're going to find a way to reduce the power of Wolverine's regeneration. But since i'm just making that up, let me get back to this issue. Ummm, so that was a really ambiguous ending, huh? Like, clearly it's not over despite the title page saying part 4 of 4. And i didn't understand Marcus H. Harold's snippet from 2100 at all. Nice art, of course, and Cornell's individual scenes work ok - most of this story was standard super-hero stuff with good dialogue - but there's some bits in here that i didn't like or don't seem to be working well.

Iron Man #11 - Speaking of things you want to be careful about introducing, i see that we're fully committing to this "secret origin" now. Last issue we had the option of disbelieving it because it was just stuff we saw on a video played by an untrustworthy narrator. But this issue has a straight cut back to the past with no narrator, and that's where they reveal that Tony Stark was tampered with in the womb to make him super-smart. And genetically inclined to be a warmonger. Hey, i guess Stark was really doing a great job fighting against biological instinct when he got out of the arms business for, like, several decades worth of comics, right? And the idea that Stark is the only super-genius that builds weapons is ridiculous; the people that the Recorder discounts (Dr. Doom? AIM?) are discounted way too easily and anyone doing a little digging could find plenty more. Even the Black Panther comes to mind. It's ironic; qualitywise this book became great (Land replaced with Eaglesham) at the same time it became pretty alarming from a continuity-destroying perspective. It's like someone is deliberately fucking with me!

Thunderbolts #10 - Art is sometimes wonky - especially the Red Hulk - but i'm still enjoying this and sad that Way is leaving.

Avenging Spider-Man #22 - Enjoying this quite a bit. Nice to see Octo-Spidey's thoughts on the Punisher as well as his conflicting thoughts on Mysterio. Cool use of the Spider-Men storyline (by acknowledging that it happened, it feels more solidly in continuity instead of just a Marvel vs. DC type of crossover). Surprised to see Octo-Spidey include the fake Mysterio in his "Sinister Six"; looking forward to see that subplot come to fruition.

Red She-Hulk #66 - Jeff Parker i love you but why can't you stay away from these alternate timelines? I did ask for some sort of reconciliation of the Red She-Hulk with the Betty Ross of old so i guess this is an attempt to accomplish that? I don't think it worked well though. I'm still not sure how you get there from here; we don't see the scenes that would cause an uninhibited Betty to turn around and start macking on Thor. There also seemed to be a scripting problem, possibly related to coloring confusion? There's a panel where the Man-Thing is talking to the Red She-Hulk and referring to the "red lass" as if it were a third party. And then Machine Man was staring at the Red She-Hulk but addressing Jen Walters. I mean, maybe they were both talking to Green She-Hulk off panel, but that would be a weird art choice. And i thought the Man-Thing's voice was supposed to have a dialect most appropriate for the person hearing it, so why is Machine Man hearing a cajun dude as opposed to, like, a coldly emotional robot or something? Oh well. It's a lost cause anyway; book is cancelled.

By fnord12 | June 19, 2013, 10:14 PM | Comics