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Home Ownership is the Devil

Fnord12 says i'm a crazy anti-home-owning convert nowadays. But, hey, i didn't make the housing bubble burst (thus ruining that whole "a home is an investment myth) and also, i can do basic math, so i realized that whole "having a mortgage lowers your taxes" thing wasn't adding up (i mean, technically, yes, but it sure as hell wasn't lowering it enough to offset the interest on the mortgage. So, duh.).

Anyway, i found this interactive graphic that tells you just how long you have to live in your purchased home before it's actually better than just renting. I like to manipulate the figures so that the result says it's never better to buy than rent. And then i cackle. What can i say? I'm easily diverted.

On that note, i also found this guy's "before you buy" checklist to be amusing.

A) YOU LOVE TOILETS. Or talking about them. Or talking to people who love toilets.

It's so amazing: empty aisle after empty aisle. It stretches to infinity. And nobody seems to work there.

To prove his point, fnord12 and i recently had to go to the Home Depot to purchase a toilet repair kit which we spent our lovely Saturday afternoon installing. Woo. I do love mucking about with my toilet more than anything in the world.

By min | August 20, 2013, 11:14 AM | Ummm... Other?