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It's Even Wearing Shoes

This horrific thing was hanging in the corner of my doctor's exam room.

i mean, sure, it's ok if you're a mad scientist...

Yes, a hollowed out body of a child used as a planter is totally in line with the soothing atmosphere you want to create in a doctor's office. I'm trying to decide if it's better or worse than the fountain we saw in Ireland of a headless family. What the hell is wrong with people? *shudder*

By min | August 21, 2013, 10:57 AM | My stupid life


must have been in oklahoma. they kill people to cure boredom. hmmn i'm kinda bored now. anyone want to come with me to chop rose up?

Or your doctor might have originated from OK. Better find out. Cause noone should use that as a decoration anywhere.

Good thing when I was sick in OKC my doctor was from Jersey City.

Are you sure you want to threaten me?? I'm one of your FEW friends that are willing to babysit.

Well i'm bored now and can't think into the future so if i can get a posse together, your number is up. just gotta go pick up the ax in my garage. can't let those kids in OK show us up. Show them how it's done Jersey style, cause we're stronger than the storm. see you soon.

Here you go Wei....Jersey City man in his wheelchair is gunned down.


that's the second time he's been shot. think he's doing something nefarious.

Headless, shoulderless, neckless, but the straps hold them self up, more or less.