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Not that who is stopping immigration reform is a great mystery

Josh Marshall gets a little more activist-y than i've ever seen him. After talking about the fact that the Immigration Reform bill is likely dead, he notes that supporters of the bill (in Congress) aren't coming right out and saying so, and then he says:

There's a curious elite belief that going into 'campaign mode' is somehow dirty or tawdry or that it makes it harder to come up with the compromises necessary for legislation. But that is nonsense.


So stop pretending that this bill is going to pass and get about the business of explaining to voters who is stopping it from passing or in fact stopping it from even getting a vote. This tends to be something center-left reformers never get. The bill is dead or near dying. Letting this drag on only demoralizes people who think that government can act in the common good because it makes it seem as though the bill is dying of natural causes or some hopeless terminal illness -- something tied to the nature of the Congress or the 'process' itself.

But that's deeply misleading and damaging to the prospects of reform ever succeeding. The bill didn't die. It was killed. So forget the heroic measures to revive it and get about telling the public who killed it and holding them accountable for their actions.

Update from Marshall here.

By fnord12 | August 21, 2013, 9:19 AM | Liberal Outrage