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A slow growing horde

Reaper Bones miniatures

September was supposed to be a nice relaxing break after the breakneck pace of finishing my comic backissue add, but real life has made a large and unwelcome intrusion. So therefore, among other things, my painting has been going really slow. Here's the latest, all of which were actually finished several days ago. I was holding off taking a picture hoping i could finish more. I did get to do a couple of bigger figures this time, including that Treant which i really like. Was hoping to post a review of painting the Reaper Bones figures by now, but again, real life is getting in the way. (Note that not all of the above figures are Bones.)

By fnord12 | September 19, 2013, 9:15 AM | D&D


These are incredibly impressive!

Reference from SuperMegaMonkey

So i while back i did this, and now they've arrived. Four months late but as far as Kickstarters go that's nothing. Ummm, painters wanted? I'm considering using them unpainted to start with so that they don't just sit in...    Read More: What have i gotten myself into?