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Robot Door Lock

I'm not entirely sure how i feel about this. What if there's a malfunction and now you're locked out of your house? Or it just keeps unlocking the door for anyone who comes by?

The Goji works three different ways: unlocking via Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) and a Goji smartphone app, unlocking via a programmable digital key fob, or unlocking via a physical key. The Smart Lock comes with four digital keys and two physical keys in the base $278 package.

The interesting part comes when you send someone a digital key that works via the app, but only at certain dates and times. You can program access for someone to only get into your home on, say, Tuesday afternoon.

Once the door unlocks, the built-in front LED screen greets you by name. Or, alternatively, it tells you that you can't enter. The front piece flips down to reveal the standard keyhole, in case you prefer more traditional entry -- or need a backup way to enter.

On the other hand, the digging for my keys thing has become a slight (slight) annoyance since we've gotten the Prius. Before, i always had the key out cause it was on the same keyring as my car keys which were in the ignition. Now, my car keys (and subsequently, all of my keys) are usually in some pocket in my bag, and ofc i never remember to start looking for the key until i'm standing in front of my door, in the dark, with about 5 things in my hands. This usually results in me dropping the most delicate and expensive item i'm holding. It's never my coat. It's always my Ipod or my phone. Always.

By min | October 17, 2013, 2:40 PM | Science