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Glenn Greenwald at HuffPo.

As the article says:

Under J. Edgar Hoover, the FBI harassed activists and compiled secret files on political leaders, most notably Martin Luther King, Jr. The extent of the FBI's surveillance of political figures is still being revealed to this day, as the bureau releases the long dossiers it compiled on certain people in response to Freedom of Information Act requests following their deaths. The information collected by the FBI often centered on sex -- homosexuality was an ongoing obsession on Hoover's watch -- and information about extramarital affairs was reportedly used to blackmail politicians into fulfilling the bureau's needs.

In this case it's Muslim "radicalizers" and even if you think that makes it ok (and you shouldn't), what's to stop them from using it against someone else next.

By fnord12 | November 27, 2013, 9:36 AM | Liberal Outrage