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The political wisdom of Boomerang

I agree with this, but it's probably not to my credit that it's the "Australian and a felon" part that annoys me more than anything.

By fnord12 | November 11, 2013, 4:43 PM | Comics & Liberal Outrage


Thank for sharing my post!

No problem, Osvaldo. I'm a regular reader of the Middle Spaces.

Just curious how you found it. . . Do I know from one of the other internet communities in which I participate or used to participate?

I was googling something for my Marvel timeline project and found your Black Goliath post, poked around a bit and read your Miles Morales/Impossibility of the Black superhero post, got hooked, and added you to my RSS feed. ;-)

Speaking of your timeline project - a friend and I are working on similar project, that hasn't quite gotten off the ground yet, but once we have more data we plan to make a site for it.

Essentially, we plan to develop timelines for Spider-Man based on references to passage of time in Amazing Spider-Man - to see according to the comic how old Peter Parker would be. Of course, there will be ruptures and contradictions, but we will figure out ways to notate them as we come across them.

Sounds cool. I will keep an eye out for it.

If you're not already aware, check out the original Official Marvel Indexes for Amazing Spider-Man (and Marvel Team-Up if you want to be thorough) that were published circa 1985. Should be cheap to pick up, and the writer George Olshevsky goes into in-depth detail about the changing of the seasons and other temporal references that should help supplement your project.