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-2 AC Against Windmills

If you should ever find yourself being chased by bayonet-wielding raptors, head towards a windmill! It may be your only chance!

The study highlights an important facet of avian vision, says Graham Martin, emeritus professor at the University of Birmingham in England who was not involved in the study. Although humans see best the things that are directly in front of us, for for birds of prey, "the frontal stuff is not particularly important," Martin says. "Things that are important to birds are picked up in the lateral visual field," meaning off to the side. This is part of the reason birds of prey are often struck by windmills--they are evolved to look for prey off to the side or down below, but not in front. By the time they perceive a fast-turning windmill blade, it may be too late to avoid it.

By min | January 22, 2014, 9:43 PM | Science