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Better than a mace

I just went to take a look at Uncanny X-Men #1, and realized that Angel has a bazooka on the cover!

Man, that would have been awesome if he always had a bazooka. As more and more characters with better and better powers were added to the Marvel universe, Angel started looking wimpier and wimpier. But a Kirby-bazooka is one heck of an equalizer. He would have never had to be be made into Archangel if he had that.

By fnord12 | January 22, 2014, 7:40 PM | Comics


I never figured out what that was. It looks like he's trying to throw it, so I thought it was some random piece of garbage. Still not convinced it is a bazooka though.

Still, he could be thinking he should have brought some of those weapons he had as the Avenging Angel.

Min thinks it's a pasta maker.

Take a closer look at Angel in that picture, particularly his face and... hair(?). Think there's a chance Kirby started out making Angel a female there and then changed his mind? Wouldn't be the only time that's happened. Look at Lethbridge-Stewart in Excalibur and Death Adder in Marvel Two In One.
Same thing happened with a Nurse character in the Anime Star Blazers as well.

Bear in mind that the plot of Uncanny X-Men #1 involves Magneto trying to take over the Cape Citadel missile launching site, and this is where the X-Men first encounter him face to face. The exact scene on the cover may not take place inside the issue as depicted, but at some point the Angel could well have grabbed a bazooka from the soldiers on the base and pointed it threateningly at Magneto. So it's not entirely silly. Never having met him before, Warren would have no way of knowing that a rocket-propelled grenade would be worse than useless against Magneto.

In fact, I could imagine Warren picking up the bazooka, preparing to fire it at Magneto, and Xavier telepathically ordering him "Angel! Put that weapon down at once! Your foe has powers of magnetism - that projectile will only be a menace to yourself and your teammates!"