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Remember When They Broke Vincent's Legs to Make Him Taller?



Today's genetic technologies are not yet a crystal ball for seeing a child's future, but doctors are closer than ever to routinely glimpsing the full genetic blueprints of a fetus just months after sperm meets egg.
Enthusiasm for arming parents with such broad genetic profiles has stoked concern in some circles that screenings would prompt a quest for so-called perfect babies, free of any genetic abnormalities or possessing desirable traits of beauty, intelligence or athleticism.

ETA: I can't remember if Gattaca was what you would call a "good" movie or not. I think i liked it (except for the aforementioned leg thing). You should watch it. Jude Law's in it. And Gore Vidal. Who can resist Gore Vidal?

And why is that relevant to this post? In Gattaca, science had advanced to the point where parents could choose what traits their offspring inherited from them, thus creating the perfect child. Vincent was the child they had the "natural" way.

By min | January 21, 2014, 11:22 PM | Movies & Science


Vincent who?

i updated the post. i sometimes forget not everybody knows what i'm talking about just cause.