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All New X-Factor #1 - Wanyas said we could drop this, and i'm gonna take him up on that. It's not bad. I'm just not interested. I'll pre-empt Min and agree that their costumes are terrible.

Avengers Empire #1 is Avengers A.I. #8.NOW - After the awesome "kill this kitten" #6 and a nice sideline for Inhumanity last issue, my hopes for this series were increasing. This issue has killed that, though. First of all, the art sucks. Sorry, but it does. Having to draw Captain America's special ed helmet is unfair for any artist, but it really comes off terrible here. And this issue is full of opportunities for imaginative images, like Doombot counter-hacking the viruses and all the scenes in the virtual reality, but it's such flat, anti-dynamic art and the whole issue just makes me yawn. Compare to Valerio Schiti's really fun scenes from issue #6. Beyond that, this story is once again just dragging on. And i don't know WTF is up with all the special numbering; as far as i can tell this is just the eighth issue of the story we've been reading since the first issue. I can't imagine anyone jumping on here, if that was the point. Although if you jumped on here, at least you'd have the advantage of it being over quicker. Honestly, i'm ready to drop this.

Young Avengers #15 - Someone complained that this issue was too sentimental and also Phonogram-y in its music culture references, and i agree with all of that, but i thought it was a nice final issue. I'm not sure i understand the Tick-Tock Man, though.

Wolverine #13 - I'm pretty sure i said that i was looking forward to seeing Alan Davis draw Sabretooth fighting Wolverine, not Sabretooth talking at Wolverine for an entire issue. This series is weirdly ending with Wolverine beaten and depowered, and the only reason for the reboot (besides, you know, the state of the industry), is Alan Davis leaving. But you know what?, that's good enough for me. We can stop here.

Iron Man #20 - So if you look above you have a bunch of books that i'm either dropping or are cancelled. So i get to this book and once again i look at that Iron Metropolitan header and i'm like, ah hell, let's just drop this too and stop buying currents. But then, once again, i read it and enjoyed it. Now granted, the set-up here seems to be exactly the same as Gillen's first arc on Iron Man: he goes around and fights villains who have picked up the Extremis/Mandarin Rings. But i did enjoy it. I like the angle of an anti-corporate activist journalist being an Iron Man villain (she should really have become the new Firebrand instead of taking the name Red Peril). I liked the situational dialogue between Stark and Rhodey in the Vault (although Rhodey has seen the Mandarin rings up close before). And the idea of the rings being sentient is interest. Plus, any story about the Mandarin's rings ought to end with Fin Fang Foom, right? So i guess we can keep getting currents. At least as long as Superior Foes of Spider-Man is running.

By fnord12 | January 14, 2014, 9:19 PM | Comics


ANXF: holy crap, those costumes are terrible! they're actually so bad that i can't even evaluate how i feel about the story. i'm not reading it just cause i can't stand to look at them wearing those things.

Avengers AI: Cap seemed extra douchey in this issue. it's prolly cause everyone's douchey to Pym. i want to like this book, but it's dragging on so long that i've stopped caring if it's good or not. it's gotten sooooooooo booooooooooooring.

YA: wasn't last issue the wrap-up issue? why did we need to spread it out over 2 books? it's not like there was so much stuff going on that they just couldn't squeeze it in. a couple of panels per character of them being sad and angsty - done.

Wolverine: imagine how i feel. i didn't even like Davis' art all that much.

IM: is Red Peril shooting lasers out of her toe at the drones? cause if not, wtf is she doing? can artists please go watch some HK kung fu movies or something cause drawing her bent forward with one leg straight in front of her (when there's nothing to kick) with her other leg bent up behind her butt while she's shooting laser beams from her ring doesn't look dynamic. it looks dumb. it's up there with the Dr. Pepper ad where Black Widow is punching her own foot. *KAPOW*

she's in that stupid awkward pose at least twice. the first time it's with double fists. *KAPOW KAPOW*