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Dementia via Fried Meats

Well, that's one path to losing my mind that i don't have to worry about. Whew!

I concur with wnkr, though, who upon seeing this article declared, "omg that fry up looks so good.". Except for the baked beans. And the black pudding. And the fries are a cheap replacement for homefries. But i can totally get behind those eggs and mushrooms and sausage.

Toxic chemicals found at high concentrations in fried and grilled meats may raise the risk of diabetes and dementia, researchers say.

US scientists found that rodents raised on a Western-style diet rich in compounds called glycotoxins showed early signs of diabetes, along with brain changes and symptoms that are seen in Alzheimer's disease.

The findings matched what the researchers saw in a small number of older people, where those with higher levels of glycotoxins in their circulation had memory and other cognitive problems, and signs of insulin resistance, which precedes diabetes.


The sheer ubiquity of glycotoxins means dietary changes might not be easy or effective as public health interventions, but Vlassara said that cooking foods differently might help. Levels of glycotoxins rise when food is cooked dry at high temperature, but moisture prevents this.

"People will grill bacon and fry eggs for breakfast, or have a toasted bagel or muffin. But they could boil or poach the eggs, and have fresh bread. With meat, we recommend stewing and boiling, making sauces instead of exposing meat to very high dry heat," she said.

Cause i do worry, you know. About losing my mind. I need a loyal retainer to care for me in my old age. Where can i find one of those?

By min | February 25, 2014, 3:44 PM | Science