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SuperMegaSpeed Reviews

Just two this week due to delays in the supply chain which are totally fine, really.

X-Men #11 - Ah, it's my weekly installment of this book. A weekly pace is difficult to maintain, which is i assume why we have minimal backgrounds, one page that is just a huge close-up of Monet's face, and a "meanwhile" section in the back of the book by a different artist that repeats its opening splash page on the prior page as a "cover". And having different artists on the same book can lead to problems, which is why we seemingly have Quentin Quire back in the X-Mansion with John Sublime at the same time he's fighting sentinels with the kid X-Men. Unless the two scenes aren't meant to take place at the same time, but then why "meanwhile"? Despite all of that, Brian Wood's actual writing continues to be good. This is the part of the story where people stand around and try to figure out the plot (synopsis: the X-Men stand around on an empty boat and wonder what's going on), but i enjoy the snarky back and forth dialogue and the continued build-up of the Sisterhood (and a reference to Necrosha!). I am watching with interest the way Enchantress reacts to all of this. She's clearly aware that she's gotten in over her head (bowing to both Arkea and Selene?). We've already seen how Ana Cortes has tried to deal with it; presumably she won't be the last to rebel and i expect something better from Amora. But clearly i'm interested in the book despite the continued production problems.

Daredevil #36 - No caveats about this: i enjoyed this issue and this series and i will be back for the "reboot". You could argue maybe there's too much reaction to Daredevil revealing his identity since it's not like it wasn't already essentially known, but it was done for a clever reason. And as Uncanny Michael pointed out, there's Beat-Up Hawkeye so now i have to go pick up all of the Fraction/Aja series to find out about that (see Marvel? That's how you cross-sell comics!)(although it's the crowd scenes that always get you when it comes time to work out the chronology).

By fnord12 | February 27, 2014, 3:16 PM | Comics


Hooray! And so my work is done. I have to go now. My planet needs me.

(NOTE: Uncanny Michael died on the way back to his home planet.)