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Good news on solar panels


One front many people didn't take too seriously, however, was renewable energy. Sure, cap-and-trade might make more room for wind and the sun, but how important could such sources really end up being? And I have to admit that I shared that skepticism. If truth be told, I thought of the idea that wind and sun could be major players as hippie-dippy wishful thinking.

But I was wrong.

The climate change panel, in its usual deadpan prose, notes that "many RE [renewable energy] technologies have demonstrated substantial performance improvements and cost reductions" since it released its last assessment, back in 2007. The Department of Energy is willing to display a bit more open enthusiasm; it titled a report on clean energy released last year "Revolution Now." That sounds like hyperbole, but you realize that it isn't when you learn that the price of solar panels has fallen more than 75 percent just since 2008.

Sounds like maybe Min can soon build her own microgrid.

By fnord12 | April 18, 2014, 3:02 PM | Liberal Outrage

Reference from SuperMegaMonkey

Now that solar panels are cheap, the only thing stopping us from using them are the millions of dollars that the Koch brothers are going to spend to make sure we don't....    Read More: Just in time