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None dare call it a recovery

Democratic strategists warn politicians to not use the word "recovery" in the upcoming election year to avoid seeming out of touch. If only those "strategists" were around back in 2009 when President Obama was pivoting away from economic recovery and towards deficit reduction back in 2009 when we had 8%+ unemployment. You can't magic that away now with your choice of phrasing.

Tangentially, and also looking at this Obama Urges Dems to Defend Obamacare post, why is it that Democrats always seem to have their strategy sessions in a public forum? The Republicans always manage to march in lockstep without any McConnell Urges Repubs to Advocate Lower Taxes articles. But with Democrats you always get these "oh, maybe we shouldn't say 'recovery'" and "hey guys, maybe you ought to stick up for our signature program of the past few years because if people don't like it they're going to vote for the Republicans anyway" type of articles.

By fnord12 | April 18, 2014, 10:01 AM | Liberal Outrage