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When are we going to give it up on Cuba?

Why is our government so obsessed with Cuba? It's a sickness. We've done a lot of bad stuff in the world, but with Cuba it just gets downright weird, from exploding cigars and beard removal powders to fake twitter programs. If we legitimately wanted to see reforms, we could accomplish so much more by normalizing relations with them, relaxing travel and trade restrictions, but there seems to be a bipartisan consensus that we have to "win" by destroying their current government. It's madness and it's been completely ineffective and i can't understand why we're still doing it.

Now that this latest program (which Senator Leahy correctly calls "troubling") is out in the open, it'd be nice to have an in-depth review of our policies, but that's highly unlikely. The bipartisan consensus means there's no opposition on this, and my own Senator Robert Menendez, a Democrat, is one of the worst on this topic. And it's not really an issue that regular voters are going to get up in arms about. So on it goes...

By fnord12 | April 3, 2014, 11:03 AM | Liberal Outrage