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Send it in! This post?

This is the current featured cover at the GCD:

And i am not immune to the appeal of car driving gorillas. So i thought i'd see what was going on on this cover. And with that, i'll share my failures as a human being:

One thing that seems likely is that the title of this series is A Great Maid.

And searching online, it seems to be a Mexican comic book (it even says so on the GCD's front page, which i missed at first), so i don't know why Google is auto-detecting Portugese and Romanian.

The title is actually Clarita Goes To The Chapultepec, which is a park in Mexico City. I still don't know what Clarita (i assume!) is saying, though.

By fnord12 | May 18, 2014, 11:13 AM | Comics


I think it's: "Awright! Out of control! Where are we headed?"

I've cobbled that together from Google, but not using Google translate. Orale seems to mean "Ok" or "All right," but I'm not sure if it definitely denotes enthusiasm or, like the English, may indicate resignation. No se mande can mean "do not send," but some phrases that use it translate as "can't control/rule." Pos este is hard, but pos translates as "in pursuit of" in the phrase "I pursuit of prey" and seems to mean "toward/for some goal or object."

Other covers make it clear that Clarita is indeed a maid. An "amazing" or maybe "astonishing" made, not just a great one.

Thanks, Walter!