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SuperMegaSpeed Reviews

She-Hulk #4 - Part of the reason i've been a little hesitant about this after initially really liking it is because i don't recognize this Kristoff at all. He's not at all like the Kristoff i know even as of the relatively recent (2010) Spider-Man/Fantastic Four mini-series. If i've missed something, which is entirely possible, i think an explanation is needed (per my "if i don't know about it, you're wrong" policy). But even beyond that, i don't really like this version of Kristoff. I know we're not supposed to like him, but i don't even like him as the guy that we're not supposed to like. As far as i can see, Dr. Doom would disintegrate this guy or at least subject him to another personality implant. For that same reason, i didn't like the ending to this issue (although i did like the "Do not wreck this gigantic Doom" line). But i still like the general tone of this book. I liked the visit with Daredevil in the beginning, and i'm hoping i'll start to enjoy the book unequivocally again now that we're past the Kristoff plot and into this Blue File story.

Black Widow #6 - I didn't love Noto's art when this started, but i think i'm watching him grow. His action sequences - Black Widow's escape in the beginning of this issue and her fight with Molot - were much better, i think. Or maybe i'm just getting used to his style. Ending the fight with a ball shot is a bit cliche, but that's probably Edmondson's fault, not Noto's. Storywise, i definitely think the larger plotline has helped, and i definitely think it's worth sticking with this. Also, having still not started with the Hawkeye solo book, i think it's funny that what passes for inter-book referencing these days is having background scenes of Hawkeye getting beaten up.

New Warriors #4 - A big fight sequence, clearly drawn, with everyone getting some moments and lots of quippy dialogue? And of course a larger plot involving the High Evolutionary, the Celestials, and some kind of unified theory on Marvel's various branches of humanity? This is perfect. Marcus To has a style broadly similar to Mark Bagley; classic but still modern looking. Quickly becoming my favorite current book.

By fnord12 | May 20, 2014, 11:23 AM | Comics