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SuperMegaSpeed Reviews

Electra #2 - Alright, you've sold me. The new villain is bizarrely interesting. I like the use of the semi-random group of assassins, noting that Taskmaster and Sabretooth are otherwise occupied but bringing in Lady Bullseye and Scalphunter. Who has a YOLO gun; why does he have a YOLO gun?! I admit the giant turtle was the turning point, though. Del Mundo's painted art that recalls Bill Sienkiewicz and David Mack to a degree is nice too.

Captain Marvel #3 - The art here sucks, though. Mainly i'm talking about that incomprehensible space battle in the beginning. Random scenes with spaceships floating in space, no sense of motion or any indication of the kind of hide and seek tactics that were described in the script. And of course despite the lack of anything going on in them, the panels are these giant honking things that spread across two pages. Tons of wasted space with no content. And sometimes you read across the two page spread and sometimes you go down one page at a time. Just terrible layouting. It gets better with the downtime stuff, and Captain Marvel's little fist fight with the alien guy is better. But if the setting of this series (or maybe just this arc?) is outer space, you have to be able to draw space battles. Plotwise, it seems ok but it's all in the aftermath of this Builders story that i know nothing about and the story doesn't try to explain. Like, why is this random alien such a Spider-Woman fangirl? Just because it's funny because S-W and CM have a friendly rivalry?

Hulk #3 - Well i guess i don't have to care about this story anymore, since Waid is off after next issue. Not sure if this story will all be wrapped up super-quickly next issue or if whoever is coming on board will be continuing it, but i hope it's the former, because of the master villain being introduced as someone who was there when the Hulk was born and knew Banner before he was the Hulk. Unless it's Igor Drenkov or General Ross or Betty Ross, i don't really want to hear about that, but i'd trust Waid to handle it over someone else. Anyway, i do like how the premise is evolving here and i liked Zombie Abomination and the Avengers guest appearance (even if Captain Marvel is currently in space for some indefinite period of time), so i was enjoying this. Too bad it doesn't matter anymore.

Iron Man #25 - Iron fillings and a fan! That's how you defeat Dark Elves. It's like back in the old days, when Iron Man would pull out a horseshoe magnet or something and screw it into place. I'm of two minds regarding Iron Man's fight with the Elves. On the one hand, i thought the fight was cleverly done and i liked Iron Man confounding these archaic creatures with science. But on the other hand, it really seems like Iron Man ought to not be doing so well or acting so confident in a mystical setting; it seems like he could clean up all of Asgard's problems for Thor in a few days, and that's not right. But that's all out of my mind anyway because it was replaced with "Oooh, Mole Man's got a Mandarin ring!". I know Gillen is leaving this title but we're further along in this story than Waid is on the current Hulk run so i'm more confident that it will wrap up satisfactorily.

Daredevil #3 - Always good. Nice work making the Owl scary. I admit i had to do some online research regarding Julia Carpenter/Spider-Woman II/Arachne; didn't know that she was ever romantically involved with the Shroud or was missing. Footnotes, people! Not that it was critical to the plot, but why not provide a little more info and promote your books? But anyway, oh hey, look who's still alive!

P.S., when is part II of Road Force Wrecked & Ruined coming out? I want to find out why Thunderball is wearing that hat!

By fnord12 | May 27, 2014, 8:41 AM | Comics


I can't bring myself to buy modern comics anymore but I do enjoy reading your reviews.