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Donut Gorging

A few days before my week off, i found out that PETA had come up with a list of the Top 6 Vegan-Friendly Doughnut Shops* (don't you mean "donut"?). Clearly, i studied it. And to my excitement, not only would i be in the vicinity of donut shops 1 and 4 in the near future, BUT shop #2 wasn't all that far away for someone whose two most pressing items on the Staycation Agenda were 1) doing tai chi every morning and 2) watching old Godzilla movies.

Well, Monday morning rolled around and i'd already failed at Agenda Item #1 (it was raining and i'm not dedicated enough to stand out in the rain for 40 minutes), so clearly, it was time for a road trip.


Two hours later...

Look, if i'm going to drive all that way, i'm not coming home with just 1 donut, ok? I mean, duh.

You might notice that top box is no longer taped shut. That's cause we ate the raspberry danish on the ride home. What raspberry danish, you ask. This raspberry danish:

That there is a 6" danish, ladies and gentleman.

It was a long drive, and we needed something to sustain us.

Now for the actual quest items.

From left to right: vanilla donuts with sprinkles, banana cream-filled, raspberry jelly-filled, boston cream

You might not think it, but this is me being restrained. Fnord12 had a little discussion with me before our trip about moderation. *sigh* I'm always being metered.

Oh, and i might have picked up a few other things...

From left to right: peanut butter bomb, turtle pie, canolis

They had 2 rows full of pastries! I only bought 3 things! That's totally restrained! Besides, i needed snacks for my Godzilla marathon.

*1) I was pretty happy to see Ronald's Donuts making this list because the donuts are so good that fnord12 and i always worried that the proprietors were lying about them being vegan. But if PETA says they're ok...(despite my suspicion that PETA is actually a front for the beef industry, because why else would they do so many things to make themselves and their causes look ridiculous?)

2) PETA, what is up with your date-less web post? Is this the top 6 donut shops of this year? Last year? Forever and all time? This is the internet. We need to put dates on things, people.

By min | June 9, 2014, 8:11 PM | My stupid life