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The earliest online role-playing games sucked

By fnord12 | June 29, 2014, 5:48 PM | D&D & Video Games


fnord12 is trying to tell me this ad was from 1989 but he clearly meant to say 1979 cause, i mean just LOOK AT THAT AD! the phone number doesn't have an area code! who the hell was dialing in for a choose-your-own-adventure in 1989??!

It says on the bottom the number works in 212, 718, 516 or 914.

i dunno why you're helping fnord perpetuate a lie.

Trust me, I have the same ad in my 1989 comics.


Hey fnord12, did you (or min) ever play those role-playing books where you role the dice and turn to certain pages depending on the choices you made? I had a couple of Marvel ones: Captain America; Rocket's Red Glare and a FF one (I can't remember the title). I thought they were fun at the time.

I played the first couple of Lone Wolf books (which are apparently online nowadays), but i never played any Marvel ones. I played "real" tabletop role playing games so the choose your own adventure type books weren't that interesting to me.

I see. I never got into the tabletop ones but enjoyed the books (even though it was easy to cheat). I would have also liked to have played Gary Gynax's games. They looked cool (for a kid).

i'm not morally capable of playing a game where you roll dice to see what page of the adventure you turn to. remember Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books? i tried one once. i ended up reading through all the possibilities before choosing. technically i chose my adventure. i just made sure it was an informed decision.

d&d rewls. i have so declared it.

The Marvel adventure books were terrific. Very true to the comics, and a good reading/gaming experience, too. There were Cap, Spidey, Thing, X-Men, and Dr. Strange volumes that I recall. The Dr. Strange volume was my introduction to the character, other than some cameos in the comics. Highly recommended all.