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Return of the Horde

Painted Reaper Bones

We've got some townsfolk on the left, with an ogre behind them (the only figure that is metal; the rest are plastic Bones). Also in the back are a stone elemental and a blue dragon. The the rest across the front are a lizard man, a cleric who is standing on a separate altar, then an owlbear (the first i've seen that's more owl than bear), a ranger, an ettin, and then an armored guy with a skull helmet that i painted like the red skull when he first used the cosmic cube and made himself that gold armor.

Still more to do but i've got to get back to Inferno.

By fnord12 | August 16, 2014, 4:12 PM | D&D


Hey, I was just do you read fantasy(comic) books do you read and, if so, which are your favourites?

So sorry. I wrote that very quickly without gathering my thoughts properly (I do that a lot). What I mean to say is: do you read fantasy (comic) books and if so which ones are your favourites?

I hope that makes more sense.:)

I actually only read Marvel comics in monthly format, but i guess i've read a few trades recently that qualify as fantasy. The first was a trade of IDW's official Dungeons and Dragons series, and that was pretty good (although i mainly judge it through a lens of how true it is to the game). And the other is Skullkickers, which is a silly-fun sort of thing. Neither are such great books that i'd tell anyone to run out and buy them, but both were fun if you like that sort of thing (which i do).

I've recently gotten into Conan novels including the comic book. Dark Horse published pretty much all of Marvel's issues and I particularly enjoy reading Christopher Priest's rendition; I believe it to be pretty close to how Robert E Howard envisioned Conan.

Oh i thought you just meant recent stuff. Yeah, i'd like to get Priest's Conan stuff one day. I did get scattered issues of Conan when i was a kid, including some of the b&w magazines (and every Kulan Gath appearance!), and i have the first Essentials book with nice art by John Buscema and Barry Windsor Smith. But i was mostly a Marvel super-hero collector so i didn't get a lot of fantasy stuff. Another thing that comes to mind is the Chaykin/Mignola Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser series, which was pretty cool.

I might check out that Fafhrd stuff. If you get the chance definitely buy Dark Horse's Chronicles of Conan reprints.Especially Priest's run.