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Protectors of gravity or just great dancers?

By fnord12 | August 10, 2014, 3:30 PM | Comics & Ummm... Other?


Punishers of evil!

what's with the lame guy whose face is totally visible? is he a transplant from Tron? in that top panel, he looks like he's fighting the Frog King rather than any sort of ninja.

i'm constantly protecting gravity. i'm doing it right now. right this second!

There was some awful toys back in the day. Anyone remember Sectuars?

I remember Sectaurs as being pretty awesome. They were bug people that rode around on giant bugs. The philosophical implications alone were staggering. And the giant bugs were like fuzzy puppets:


Come on, that's awesome!

And they had a short-lived comic by Mantlo that was... not bad for Mantlo.

I wanted a Secatuar but my mum wouldn't get me one. Looking back, now, I'm not that impressed.
Mask, on the other hand, still looks like fun; and
I could have done with some Zoids but parents can be cruel, sometimes. :)

Michael, I didn't know they had their own comic book but just looking on the web tells me that Marvel were licesing the hell out of everything: Inhumanoids, Alf, Robocop, the list is interminable!