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Thanks a lot, jerks

Well, my call to arms in the most recent Speed Review shows the extent of my influence. Both Superior Foes and New Warriors are cancelled.

By fnord12 | August 22, 2014, 9:23 AM | Comics


this is what happens when you like things. i'm still bitter about 2006 Heroes for Hire getting canceled.

what's your next favorite title? that's getting canceled next. never fails.

I knew it! I'm glad I didn't invest anytime reading New Warriors. Marvel don't know what they're doing. BTW, were the sales figures low on NW? Why not give the book more time?

Sales were terrible. 17,304 for NW and 16,903 for SFOES in the latest chart. Those are direct market US only numbers but it's a good barometer. 165 and 167 on the sales chart, respectively.

This may be an unpopular opinion, but here goes:

I know it's cool to blame Marvel for canceling the book, but to be fair:

1. Marvel is a business and no one was buying this product.
2. With sales like that, they would have canceled these books whether they were good or bad.

And most importantly in my mind, 3:

They are the only reason you got it in the first place. So thank them for losing money on all of those extra issues of Superior Foes of Spider-Man they are putting out just so that you can enjoy the ending as it was intended, because they could have just made the creators cut the ending down a few less issues.

Just to be clear, the "jerks" in my title was directed at the imaginary legions that i called upon in my Speed Review to support the books, not at Marvel.

Wait, they'd cancel a book whether good or bad dependig on sales? Why not get another writer in?

One reason I haven't read anything by them post 1990s is because they scrap books 3 issues in. Make another title then scrap it when sales aren't all that. If they actually tried to write good stories maybe they'd get somewhere.

NW looked good when I picked up the the 1st issue but I had that feeling they'd scrap it sooner rather than later.

I'll carry on reading back issues and this site.

UM is right, though. If you watch the sales charts, the only things that bumps the numbers are crossovers (temporarily and unreliably), variant covers, and reboots. Every book loses readers every month except because of those factors, and the sales are pretty much unrepairable. So fans (collectively) only have themselves to blame for the titles constantly getting cancelled.

We can argue all day about how the industry got to this state and what Marvel could do to fix it, but short term i agree with UM that considering the numbers, the book was going to get cancelled and i'm glad to have gotten a year or so's worth of stories out of it.

Fair enough. My umbrage towards them is because of all those stupid variant covers, zillions of X titles, terrible art and crap stories. I'll never forgive them for Clone Saga and Maximum Carnage. It's clouded my judgement to quite some degree.

Fnord, I didn't think you were calling Marvel jerks. (I guess you were calling us jerks? Which I am fine with. Heck, I kind of like it.)

I just notice a tendency amongst fandom to yell at networks/publishers/etc. for canceling shows and books and games that don't make enough money to continue from a business standpoint. But I guess those fans just forget that we wouldn't have these things in the first place if it wasn't for those networks taking a chance on a creative vision. So I always try to say, thank you, networks and publishers! And then maybe I try to spread that positive thinking.

UM, don't make me start having to think about reevulating my thought process! But, er, maybe I should.

Ha! JSfan, gratitude starts with you and is contagious! I know I sound like a cat poster, but it's true.