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Count Duckula, no!

I guess polybags are technically vegetarian, but that's no reason to eat them.

Also, those bags may have technically been polybags, but not in the way we comic collectors understood it.

By fnord12 | October 1, 2014, 6:38 PM | Comics


I Didn't know you guys got Count Duckula. Cool.

I was a fan of the absurd humor of the show. I loved Igor's mutterings. I still shout "Oiii'll get it!" a lot, too, but no one knows what i'm doing.

ooh! ooh! i know!!!

Nanny was my favourite. I'm not sure whether you had Danger Mouse in the US but the guy that does Count Duckula did the voice of Danger Mouse. I believe it was by the same animation company.

We did get Danger Mouse (both on Nickelodeon, and i really only knew about the shows because of my younger siblings) but i wasn't as big a fan of it. But i will note for my Count Duckula Chronology Timeline that Duckula, in a previous reincarnation, first appeared on the Danger Mouse show as a villain. He was then killed, and for his next reincarnation Nanny accidentally substituted ketchup for blood and so we have the great vegetarian protagonist.