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SuperMegaSpeed Reviews

I know i promised to buy Axis and i will keep that promise, but due to problems in the supply chain i only have one book to review this week:

Captain Marvel #8 - Well, Min was right. After we both read last issue, Min said that she liked it better when Rocket Raccoon thought Carol's cat was a strange alien creature called a flerken but he was obviously wrong. It seemed like just a silly joke: Rocket is unfamiliar with cats. But then when last issue's focus was about the cat being a flerken and ended with it having laid eggs in Carol's spaceship, Min made her comment. And i said well, let's wait and see. It could just be a red herring and we retain the joke. But no, the cat really is a "flerken" and now it has laid a million flerken eggs which have hatched into flerken kittens. This issue has CM, Rocket, and Tic fighting an amorphous blob thing to defend the flerkens. And that's the story and it's not really that great.

By fnord12 | October 15, 2014, 2:34 PM | Comics


You need to stop flerken swearing it's flerken undermining your reviews...oh wait a minute :P

i'm not reading Axis i don't care what you say you can't make me!!!!!

I always feel like people love the idea of DeConnick's Captain Marvel run more than the run itself, y'know? It always feels pretty uninteresting. And what was the point of the memory wipe thing?

I don't remember a memory wipe. Was it me that got memory wiped?

Min reminded me. The Yon-Rogg brain tumor. And you're right. Right after they did that, they sent her into space where she couldn't interact with anyone she knew, so what was the point of it?

Tom Brevoort would tell you to stop letting good storytelling get in the way of good storytelling.

people who love DeConnick's Captain Marvel run must not be actually reading DeConnick's Captain Marvel run. i suppose i should be grateful she hasn't tried to send Captain Marvel on a date while she's been in space.

I was going to speculate that the memory wipe was so that no one could bug them with questions like "How come Carol doesn't remember fighting Mega Villain Man, which she did in issue #237 of Secret Uncanny Team-Up?", but i realized they probably don't care about those types of questions anyway.

I don't want to totally bash the book. If it were completely terrible we'd have dropped it by now. It's just kind of blah. I think it did kind of pick up recently; at least she isn't time traveling and/or powerless.

Agreed that it's just blah, which is a shame, because I definitely want to like it. The character and design are so great!

I'm now remembering that DeConnick had planned to do a few issues at the end of the first run focusing on the memory wipe, but they were scrapped in favor of the Infinity crossovers. (But probably if the Infinity crossovers didn't happen, they just would've ended two issues earlier due to low sales.)

Apparently there's going to be a Lila Cheney appearance coming soon! Sales will be through the roof.

I'm sure she'll be on a date soon with... oh, let's say Moe.

Min, did you mean TB said don't let continuity get in the way of good-story telling? Or were you correct the 1st time. Ha ha.

correct the first time. i should have clarified with quotes.

don't let good storytelling get in the way of "good" storytelling.