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Who doesn't enjoy a little super-hero costume mocking?

I was double-confirming that Numinus* never appeared again, and i came across this, which is pretty funny. The people mocking the costumes know nothing about the characters, and sometimes they are way off the mark or not realizing that the character actually is a joke character, but it's still pretty funny.

*if you don't know who Numinus is, count your blessings and maybe don't go too deep into the above link.

By fnord12 | October 23, 2014, 12:59 PM | Comics


You know what? I actually love Liefeld. He's a nuttah! Shatter Star has a two-bladed sword. Why? Why not just one broadsword. Why two Katana style blades? He does everything to excess! He's like a teenage kid when it comes to creating characters. "Hey, dude, what about a guy called Killbladedeathstalker (no need for hyphens) give him a gun that's as big as lion and it has four bayonets at the end with lots of pouches for ammo. Yeah!

i always said the Vulture was way too old for this villainy crap. he should be at the senior center playing backgammon, not flying his brittle bones around fighting!

Vulture sure is feeble and scrawny. Look how Dusty can easily grasp Vulture's ankles in his hand.