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Cap'n Contract'n

Ron Frenz at The Swerve Magazine:

I even remember one time somebody got their ass fried by Jim Shooter because there was a Cap'n Crunch ad that they did, where they were running some contest with Spider-Man, and they did a two-page ad for this contest. They asked me to pencil it, they got Joe Rubinstein to ink because we were the team at the time. I remember hearing that Jim Shooter went apeshit because in the course of the copy--and I don't know if it was corrected before publication or not--Pete was speaking with a lot of contractions, which is not the way he was speaking in the comics at the time. Shooter fried somebody's ass good for it because the editors are responsible for the stewardship of these characters. So you've gone from that to every writer who does Peter Parker now does 'his' Peter Parker, and there's no real consistent voice on the character anymore. So it's apples and oranges.

It wasn't fixed before publication and i always did find his dialogue weird.

By fnord12 | November 24, 2014, 10:38 AM | Comics


"My main man Cap'n'Crunch", Really? I'm surprised it got past editorial.