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Mike Sterling is doing his semi-regular "ask me a question" feature, and here's one question:

"When a collection comes into the shop, what is one (fairly common) book you always buy and one you never buy?"

The "always buy" comic is Robin #1, but here's part of his answer for "never buy":

There are lots of common books I never buy. 98% of Marvel Comics Presents.

Yep. With where i am in my timeline project, generally speaking and even moreso when you talk about Marvel Comics Presents specifically, i feel like i ought to be able to find someone that will pay me to take them. I mean, i've got to be the only person on Earth that actively wants some of this stuff at this point. Anything halfway worthwhile i already have, so anything i'm picking up now just for the project is going to be absolute dreck that no one in their right mind (i.e., not me) would want.

You can of course get everything at the online stores but even at about a dollar an issue, there's so much of it that it winds up being more than it ought to be. I guess i should be scouring local conventions and garage sales but that seems too much like work.

By fnord12 | November 25, 2014, 10:12 AM | Comics


If I had access to mine, you may have gotten some. Oh well.

I tried to buy back issues of Marvel Comics Presents once but I couldn't remember find the store that sold it. So I set out with a friend to find it and we wound up in the ghetto. We had a series of adventures that illustrated the hardships of life in the ghetto but brought us no closer to finding the store. Then I suddenly remembered information that I knew all along that enabled me to find the store and my friend was inexplicably not angry at me.

Did you stop every eight blocks because it seemed like something important was going to happen, but then it didn't so you recapped your adventure so far and then moved on?