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SuperMegaSpeed Reviews

It's been a while and these are a couple weeks old at least. But there are SPOILERS below and Min hasn't read these yet, so i'm putting everything below the fold.

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Elektra #8 - I completely forgot what this was about the moment after i read it and of course the cover is of no help at all. But it turns out this is the issue where for some reason Elektra decides to break into the secure facility where Bullseye is holding SHIELD, ostensibly to kill him for him having killed her 30+ years ago, and i don't think it's a coincidence that moments later, while Elektra is fighting SHIELD, the Hand show up to claim Bullseye. Not the brightest thing she's ever done. But Del Mundo is back on art and next issue Elektra teams up with Maria Hill to fight the Hand, so i guess that's something.

She-Hulk #10 - Well, my theories on the plot turned out to be pretty wrong and it turns out that this was all just a scheme by Dr. Faustus. Which is cool in its own way but it does leave me with some doubts. Like, if the idea is that Steve Rogers had to defend his name publicly, should he really have chosen one of his super-hero friends as the prosecutor? I also didn't love the idea that Steve Rogers faced super-Nazis prior to becoming Captain America, or the implication that the story that we're hearing about only at this late date was the inspiration for him deciding to sign up (yes, they back away from it later, but the conversation between Cap and the 'Don't worry, they have ways of getting around the 4-F problem' guy was pretty clear). I still enjoyed it, especially Pulido's unusual art style (although i did have some layout problems again).

Daredevil #10 - This has been an unusual twist on the usual Purple Man story and i liked it. But adding a little "meta" knowledge - the fact that Waid is going to be leaving this title - it's sad to see Daredevil seemingly getting put back to his "status quo" of dysfunctionally depressed. I know you're supposed to put your toys back in the box when you're done playing with them, but i wouldn't have minded leaving DD permanently more chipper (or pseudo-chipper). That said, Waid may have planned for this all along and we may have a grand finale coming.

Captain Marvel #9 - This continues to not be very engaging. I get the flipping of the traditional prince/forced marriage story, but the convenience of having Tic along seemed awfully contrived. Also, one sure way to get me to not read the dialogue is to make everyone speak in rhymes.

Axis #4-6 - Oh my god this series is horrible. I have no interest in a Bizarro-world, basically What If story, but it could at least be good. In practice, there's barely a story at all; it's more of a rough outline with launching points for various tie-ins that i'm not getting. And as for what story there is, well, Kluh, the "Hulk's Hulk", is the lamest idea with the lamest character design that i can remember seeing. The rest of it is only as bad as your typical banal "What if Dr. Doom were a good guy" stuff, but that's bad enough. And what happened to the art? How did we go from Adam Kubert to - ugh! - Lenil Yu and the Dodsons after just two issues? We gotta drop this. I know it's practically all out already and Wanyas has probably already picked up at least the next issue if not more, but i can't read any more of this. So much for my big plans. Horrible.

By fnord12 | December 2, 2014, 2:27 PM | Comics


Re She-Hulk 10: Well, Faustus's and Steve's machinations do explain how the case got so far, when in real life a suit against a hostage wouldn't. This story isn't as bad as Gerber's "Steve Rogers was a pacifist before his brother was killed" because Steve was clearly anti-Nazi before the incident. But yeah, I don't get why people think Steve needed more motivation to volunteer for the army than "he was anti-Nazi". And Steve leaving out that his friend was killed every time he told the story and mentioning seeing newsreels of Nazi crimes is just bizzare.
Re Axis: Supposedly Tony's personality change will last for a while after everybody else has returned to normal. But if they just wanted a personality change in TONY, they could have done it other ways.

I don't hate the concept currently in Axis. But, the execution is awful. And Kluh, from name to look to idea, is awful awful awful! Though it looks like Jeff Parker came up with the name in Hulk #30. And here's what you said about that issue (and you don't even mention Kluh): http://www.supermegamonkey.net/2011/02/wtf_jeff_parker.shtml

No new issue of Axis came out yet. There's 3 to go, I think.

Yeah that was a horrible joke issue. I could see "Kluh" showing up in that and me just shaking my head and skimming past it. I can't fathom bringing him back for a real story.

Elektra: Elektra says she needs info from Bullseye, so i don't think she found him just to kill him. but what i want to know is what happened at the end of the last issue cause i can't remember. isn't she still being hunted by the Assassin's Guild?

She-Hulk: i agree that it was a very weird decision for the family suing to call up Matt Murdock, known friend an associate of Captain America, and ask him to present their case. Presumably, that was Faustus' idea, as well. mebbe it was all a clever double ruse wherein Cap might have been exonerated in a public trial, but everyone has this niggling doubt since Daredevil was the prosecutor and Faustus still wins.

this Steve Rogers trial story was such a waste of time. why were we not reading more about the blue file? i want to know about that monkey!!! also, nobody cares about old Cap. quit fucking around. de-age him and let's get back to something we can all enjoy. and the less said about Dum Dum LMD the better, Nick Fury Astronaut Super-Spy, and every other cockeyed idea they have churned out lately the better.

Daredevil: i dunno how i feel about DD. i don't love it but i don't dislike it either. it's sort of meh.

Captain Marvel: i'm done. DeConnick wrote an issue in bad Dr. Seuss rhyme that told a really silly story. and she didn't do it for "children's fairytale month" or something? she just did it cause it seemed like a really awesome idea to her? i dunno why so many people love her. she's thus far been a mediocre to terrible comic book writer. i wanted to give her a shot because a) female writer and b) captain marvel, but just no.

Axis: fnord12 tried to tell me about this "hulk's hulk" business and i just told him to stop speaking nonsense words.