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Breastmilk for Bodybuilding


According to multiple sources (including ABC and Medical Daily), chugging breast milk--which is both delightfully sweet and full of TBD microbes!--is becoming popular among fitness buffs who want to get their fats and complex carbohydrates from a natural source.
Oddity Central reports that the men who do buy the milk use it in conjunction with their protein shakes or make it into yogurt (and you thought vagina yogurt was weird). Some allegedly believe that the milk will not only help them grow bigger, faster, stronger but will also cure conditions such as psoriasis.


I don't understand the woman who has all this extra breastmilk to sell. I usually hear about women who are worried they aren't producing enough milk and have to resort to eating disgusting things like oatmeal in the hopes that it will encourage greater milk production. I, so far, haven't encountered anyone who has complained about producing too much, and yet, this woman selling her breastmilk managed to fill a deep freezer with all the extra. Holy cow (ha ha. puns are not funny.)!

By min | February 20, 2015, 3:29 PM | Ummm... Other?


Just more Bro Science from bodybuilders who are desperate to get more 'gains'. All they need to do is eat plenty of protein and less carbs. Simple.