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If they only understood. But they don't. No, they don't.

I've seen the ads for years and i've probably even seen other people blog the songs before, but i never actually attempted to listen to anything from Reflections of a Rock Superhero until now (or is it Rock Reflections of a Superhero?). Having done so, i can't say for sure whether my earlier inclination was the right one or not.

Here's an older write-up of the album by Chris Sims. And i just have to reproduce the back cover:

P.S. i refused to give this post a "Music" tag.

By fnord12 | February 10, 2015, 9:47 AM | Comics


i don't understand why they got U2 to write music for the Spider-Man musical when they had this treasure trove available.

also, why do people keep feeling the need to put Spider-Man's story into song? it's just horrible in every way.

At 1st I thought Spidey was screaming, "arrgh, my ears, someone turn this S%!t off!" But on closer inspection I can see he's...er, vibrating? :)

I think it's his spider-sense warning him of the danger of listening to this album.