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Thanos vs. Hulk #3 - My local reading circle is not too enthused with this mini, but i'm enjoying it. It's very straightforward superhero stuff, but that's exactly what i've been missing. The Hulk vs. Blastaar, with Blastaar acting intelligent enough to not be overconfident while fighting the Hulk. And beyond that, an important development for Annihilus, even if it will probably really just be about restoring him to his classic status quo after the Annihilation Wave storyline. It's true that that Starlin's art isn't up to the cosmic awesomeness of his 70s work, and the Hulk's dialogue is a little weird (but who knows what's normal for the Hulk anymore), but i still think this is a fun fight story. I guess it's worth noting that the titular Thanos doesn't actually appear in this issue.

Ms. Marvel #11 - Don't get me wrong. I definitely enjoy this book. But i feel like it could be better. Artwise, i think Alphona's style is right for the book but he could sometimes do better with depicting Kamala's powers, like when she was stretching/squeezing inside the Inventor's big robot thing. Storywise i still think it gets a little to precious with the empowerment message; all the kids banging ineffectively against the robot while the Inventor got alarmed about the fact that they were working together didn't really work at all. And what really struck me was when i read the note in the lettercol saying that now that the big 11 issue (!) arc against the Inventor was over, they're going to start getting into things like showing Kamala dealing with her Inhuman roots and getting a love interest. Those things should have been happening all along; they shouldn't be put on hold during the first entire year of her book. This complaint is really part of the larger "decompression" problem that i have with modern comics, but if you think back over the course of the past 11 issues it really has been pretty content lite, with really no developing subplots alongside the main story. It's been good, and there's lots of fun moments; i loved in the beginning of this issue when Kamala hurled a bunch of insults at the Inventor and ended with "I think you're a bird", and that's the one that upset him. But it seems like there should be more depth to the book. What this book represents, with its non-white non-male lead character, is important in its own right, and it's been good regardless of that, but i feel like it could/should be great regardless of that.

By fnord12 | February 15, 2015, 12:30 PM | Comics