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SuperMegaSpeed Reviews

Ms. Marvel #12 - Fun. I thought the mini fight sequence was a little weak, but i loved the Brooklyn Viking Hipster stuff and the truth serum.

She-Hulk #12 - So the dramatic conclusion of this series is a retcon wiping out the entire history of a character i never heard of? Yay? This really has been a disappointing book, in part because it had a lot of promise. But a lot of the series was wasted - the really bad fill-in art, the weird Captain America trial, and, it turns out, the overarching Blue File plot. Charles Soule says in the end note that with these 12 issues we got "exactly the tale I wanted to tell", so that means it seems he never intended to resolve the mystery of Angie and her monkey. I'm also really unclear on when the flashback sequence was supposed to take place, with Dr. Druid hanging out with Shocker and Vibro. Very odd combination and at best another unexplained mystery. Captain Marvel looks to have her original hairstlye but i guess i can't go by that (and lord knows i shouldn't expect a footnote). Also, i've generally liked Javier Pulido's art but as with last issue's Titania/Volcana fight, the action here is another total fail. So a bust of an issue all around.

By fnord12 | February 25, 2015, 2:26 PM | Comics


You'll find out who Nightwatch is when we get to 1993.
Charles Soule discusses issue 12 here:
He explains that he felt he didn't have enough space to explain what Angie and her monkey were in detail.
He also explains that this takes place after Druid was "possessed by an evil spirit" and none of the heroes trusted him. I think the "evil spirit" Soule had in mind was Nebula, so I guess this takes place after Druid returns from the time bubble in Avengers Spotlight 37.
Interestingly, Soule says the target of the retcon was originally going to be an FF character, not Nightwatch. I wonder who it was and if it would have made the conclusion better or worse.

Thanks for the link.

No guesses on the FF character. Someone D-List but that would affect Fantastic Four continuity brings to mind the Fantastic Force characters, but none of them really seem to fit the bill. Something to think about when i go through later FF books, i guess.