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Super Terrible Kindle Covers

I can't...*gasp*...stop...*wheeze*...laughing...OMG! He's a horse! And a MAN! *SNORT*

The Tumblr Kindle Cover Disasters is exactly what its name suggests: one hilarious, mystifying self-designed e-book cover after another. The covers run the gamut from catastrophic use of MS Paint to Frankenstein-like Photoshop jobs to morbid intrigue: What could possibly happen in Hide and Seek to merit that font?

Today might be the greatest day ever.

By min | March 27, 2015, 1:19 PM | Boooooks & Ummm... Other?


I think the horse feels quite uncomfortable with the situation.

fnord12 tells me the author's just taking the piss and it turns out the book is just jokes and pranks and has nothing at all to do with the cover. i'm sort of disappointed. i almost wanted to read a book about were-equine love. i still love the cover, though. he can't take that away from me!

That's a bit disappointing as it would have been extremely funny. I bet there are books like that out there though.

there are things that i know that cannot be unknown, but i shall share this tiny window into the abyss with you:


Brilliant. I love the part where he gets beaten up in order to be taken to her house but instead she takes him to the vet and well...things don't quite work out the way he'd like. Ha ha. It's literary genius. I haven't read the book but I'm giving it an A+ due to its premise. :P

Is this Mr. Ed's Revenge?