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Why is fnord cranky today?

When i'm on hold, stop breaking in every 30 seconds to tell me that your representatives are still busy helping other customers. I know that; it's why i'm still on hold. Your insipid on-hold music is enough to let me know that i haven't been disconnected (which has already happened twice). When you turn that off to give me your dumb message, i think that someone is ready to finally talk to me, and i have to stop what i'm doing. If you'd just shut up i could sit here and work on something else until you're ready and i wouldn't be so cranky.

Also, why hasn't everyone adopted the "put in your phone number and we'll call you when we're ready" method? Getting disconnected sucks, but getting disconnected and therefore losing your place in line after waiting for 30 minutes really sucks.

By fnord12 | April 22, 2015, 12:31 PM | My stupid life


In agreement.