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The music of fnord12

The band that Min and i were in, Lead Singer Syndrome, had been on semi-hiatus for a few years and recently we finally decided it was time to admit that it was really just dead. I'm still sporadically working with some of the other members of the group and it may return in some fashion at a later date (without Min). But during the hiatus i had basically put a hold on making music for myself, and once i admitted that the band was dead i was able to get back to that. So i've "released" a new "album" (i.e., i've put some songs up on the website). And i've also revamped the music section a bit, organizing it better and updating the music player from the old flash based thing to a nice HTML 5 player called jPlayer that should work on all devices (as opposed to flash). The new album is a combination of some purely new songs plus some tracks that i originally created as blueprints for LSS.

You can check out the updated Music section on the sidebar (or here) and the new stuff specifically is Chumley Lives Again.

Chumley Lives Again

By fnord12 | May 29, 2015, 12:02 PM | Music