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OMG! Two Pairs of Socks!

That's right, folks. It took me 8 months, but i finally managed to finish knitting a second pair of socks. That's a vast improvement over my last pair where it took me 4 months to knit one sock and then another 2 years to get around to finishing the second (to be fair, i knitted 2 shawls and a blanket in between socks, so i wasn't completely slacking).

Size 6US needles; 6oz/170g/315yd #4 "medium" weight acrylic yarn

Why make it easy, right? If i'm going to knit something, i might as well learn a new technique or four while i'm at it. With this pair of socks, i learned how to:

  • knit socks starting from the toe,

  • knit two socks at the same time (to avoid that year gap between socks),

  • use the Magic Loop technique to knit them on one pair of circular needles, and

  • cable knit.

I basically watched Very Pink Knits' YouTube video to learn how to knit the toe-up socks and combined it with other bits and pieces of advice and instruction i found on the internets (cause why go with 1 set of directions when you can use 3? how can that possibly go wrong?). Then i proceeded to fuck up no less than six times before i managed to get a finished product. That sounds like fun, right? Yeah. I'm totally knitting another pair of socks.

By min | June 20, 2015, 10:43 AM | My stupid life


Looks like rather advanced work - impressive.