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Panda: I Have a Thyroid Condition

The researchers found that pandas get by on shoots and leaves because they expend extremely small amounts of energy.

A typical adult panda burns up about 38% of the calories used by other, similarly sized animals.

The scientists found the bears' slow-moving ways were linked to low levels of thyroid hormones.


"We found that their low metabolism is correlated with very low levels of thyroid hormones, which was linked to a genetic mutation in the thyroid hormone synthesis pathway that is unique to the panda."

These hormone levels were the equivalent to those found in hibernating black bears.


In my head, it's the lack of sufficient food energy that makes them so sloth-like, but they're not clever enough to try eating something more suitable to their digestive system. How fast could you move if you were half-starved? If they move, they'll die!

By min | July 10, 2015, 1:47 PM | Science