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Shit Happens NOW!

Paul O'Brien discusses Secret Wars at the halfway point.

The most alarming thing to me is that he thinks it is going to be like Age of Apocalypse, where Marvel's regular continuity will return when it's all over, with maybe a few characters from other publishing lines dropped in, like Miles Morales and Old Man Logan (?!). "Alarming" in the sense that i've already sort of let go. 'Just when i thought i was out', etc..

By fnord12 | July 19, 2015, 4:48 PM | Comics


nope. it's done. we're done.

Fnord, You've been told. :)

Fnord described a conditional "done" when this first started. The condition was reboot based. If this isn't a reboot, then it's not his fault that he has to continue.

It's not a reboot. Sorry!


Here's the thing, though- if they don't do a reboot, how are they going to handle Namor, Iron Man and Doctor Stange? All three have essentially become irredeemable villains.

I'd like to think that, rather than the three individuals you mentioned being "irredeemable", to instead having their characterizations broadened.

Namor was always impetuous; Iron Man was always a businessman, and Stephen had undergone a vast depowering which was in need of upgrading. He may have been at the level of the Great Society's Norn, before selling his soul.

Tom Taylor made Superior Iron Man a breakout book, IMHO.

I've thought for a while now, since they put Iron Man so firmly on a fascist authoritarian path with Civil War and all, why not just commit and go with making him a (sympathetic who can still carry a book) bad guy?