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"Correcting" the record

A Super PAC called Correct The Record, supposedly designed to push back on right wing lies against Hillary Clinton, has instead decided to attack Bernie Sanders. They sent an email to Huffington Post trying to convince them to put out an article tying Sanders to some of the more controversial statements made by the UK Labor Party's Jeremy Corbyn. But HuffPo never promised that they were off the record or anything, so instead of publishing their proposed article, they published an article exposing Correct The Record.

I don't even think that Corbyn's statements are bad (ooh, he thought Osama Bin Laden should be brought to trial, what a fifth columnist just like those traitors at Nuremberg!). But the point is that a Hillary group had pivoted from "correcting" the record to distorting it, and (i guess the good news) they are realizing they have to take Bernie seriously and targeting him instead of the Republicans. And that they can't win on the merits. (Correct The Record, which is owned by the same people that run Media Matters, has a contact form here. Just in case you had something to say.)

Separately, if you hear from the Wall Street Journal that Bernie Sander's proposals will cost $18 trillion dollars, realize that $15 trillion of that is for converting to Single Payer, and they calculated the cost over 10 years (so it would be $1.5 trillion a year) and, most importantly, the study that they got the numbers from (which wasn't Sanders' proposal specifically) also explains how it would mostly pay for itself (PDF) with no new taxes.

By fnord12 | September 15, 2015, 7:41 AM | Liberal Outrage

Reference from SuperMegaMonkey

I've already mentioned this before, but, like Bernie, i was annoyed to see Hillary using this line of attack in the debates.    Read More: Sanders pushes back on Clinton's attacks from the right