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From Torture in Gitmo to Torture in a Moroccan Prison

I just can't imagine why anyone would be angry with the United States.

Two more prisoners have left Guantanamo Bay in the last week, a sign of the Obama administration's piecemeal efforts to empty the prison before the end of his presidency.

But one of those men, a 47-year-old named Younous Chekkouri, has not received a warm welcome in his native Morocco. On arrival he was detained by Moroccan authorities and now may face terrorism-related charges. Last night, Chekkouri's lawyers learned he had been moved to Salé prison, a facility that has been singled out by human rights groups for torture of detainees.


In federal habeas corpus proceedings, the government ended up withdrawing many of its claims against Chekkouri, and in 2010, an interagency review recommended him for transfer out of Guantanamo. But much of the material from the habeas proceedings is still secret, under seal in the District Court in Washington D.C.

"What my client is now potentially facing is some kind of Groundhog Day from hell," said Crider. "He faces a 'trial' in Morocco on the basis of the selfsame allegations that, when tested in federal court in his Gitmo habeas case, collapsed."

In an emergency motion filed today, Reprieve asked the federal district court to order the government to immediately release three pleadings and produce another seven by October 1st. The Justice Department did not respond to a request for comment on the motion.


By min | September 25, 2015, 9:18 AM | Liberal Outrage