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Graveyard Horde

A wizard, a dwarf warrior, and some more giant rats. If i was really awesome i would have free-handed some runes on the wizard's scroll; i don't know why they didn't carve anything onto that.

A barbarian and a warrior. I started off thinking that the barbarian was just going to be a regular warrior in armor, but as i started painting her i realized that she had a lot of straps (even on her sword) and that she had bone claws on her gauntlet and other such stuff. Then i sadly realized she had a bare midriff and was semi-barefoot. So, another figure that my female players will never want to actually use, but she'll still be useful as an NPC. I also wound up accidentally giving her Crazy Eyebrows which i kind of like if she's a barbarian. The warrior's sword is permanently bent at a dumb angle. I did try the "put it in boiling water, straighten it, put it in ice water" trick but the sword was really stubborn. #@#@$! plastic miniatures.

A grave digger, a swarm of bats, and a skeleton grave digger. FWIW, i find that players react very badly to the word "swarm". The skeleton grave digger is actually the manufacturer Reaper's mascot, i think (or one of them). I gave him a Skeletor color scheme.

By fnord12 | September 2, 2015, 2:22 PM | D&D

Reference from SuperMegaMonkey

So i while back i did this, and now they've arrived. Four months late but as far as Kickstarters go that's nothing. Ummm, painters wanted? I'm considering using them unpainted to start with so that they don't just sit in...    Read More: What have i gotten myself into?

Reference from SuperMegaMonkey

As i did once before, i went with a Skeletor color scheme instead of painting their bones a traditional off white bone color. But you can see the difference with this technique vs. the previous Skeletor; the colors are softer and more subtle here.    Read More: Vaguely Egyptian Horde