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Guardians - Russian Superhero Movie

No release date announced and please please please let there be an English subtitled version.

It looks awesome, right? The story's got to be awesome, too. I hope it's awesome. I have hopes now. Don't dash them, unknown Russian filmmakers! This is all Wikipedia has to say about it.

How am i supposed to remember to look for this when it eventually becomes available? Gah!

By min | September 27, 2015, 9:32 PM | Movies


I've read the Wiki and even though I'm not from the USA all I can say is USA, USA, USA.

Release 29 December 2016

Seb, i hope you plan on reminding me next december cause i'm pretty sure i'm not even going to remember this post in 3 months.

Hey, found this video, fight scene of Khan, what do you think?

i want to see fights against someone else with powers. it's not much of a match when he's going against goons.

apparently, the movie's not coming out until 2017 now. boo!