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The Day After

Rough night for the Wookies, who we found face down on the floor this morning. And no wonder, after all the partying they'd been doing. Plus Maru Maru was still recovering from being repeatedly elbow slammed by a two year old.

At least they didn't mess up the puzzle we put together.

Click to jumbo-size.

Confirmed today that it is Patty Cockrum art, and that it is Tamara Rahn standing next to Namor, and not Her/Kismet.

By fnord12 | September 20, 2015, 3:21 PM | Comics & My stupid life & Star Wars


Hi fnord, Just a quick question: how old is that jigsaw puzzle. I'm guessing around 1984?

Yeah, the copyright date says 1983.

What's the black blob between the Abomination and Yellowjacket?

That is the Black Panther. He's looking diagonally up towards the center.

Oh, ok. One more - that shirtless elfin-looking guy just above and to the right of the Abomination. Is that an Eternal?

That is the ever-popular Woodgod.

Do like the little touch of the Living Mummy coming apart and Howard and Beast noticing it.