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Ms. Marvel #19 - This may be my last Speed Review. We'll definitely be getting Ta-Nehisi Coates' Black Panther in some format, and we may very well pick up some other Marvel comics in trade form, but as i mentioned a while ago, we're using Secret Wars as a jumping off point at least in terms of buying books in realtime. And that will probably be the case for my project as well (if i even make it that far). Although i'm still not 100% clear if the post-Secret Wars situation counts as a reboot or not. In any event, it seems like these Last Days issues work really well as an end to the Marvel universe, with the fade to white. As for this issue in particular, i don't have a lot to say that i haven't been saying all along, which is that i like this series a lot, to the point where it's the book that lasted the longest with me. This issue gives us some nice closure with Bruno and with Kamala's mom. A downtime issue, with the end of the world as a backdrop. I'm glad that the book will continue in some way even after my personal break with the Marvel universe, and it's one that i'll probably keep up with in trade form.

By fnord12 | October 26, 2015, 4:17 PM | Comics


Well, it must have been a helluva ride reading all those comics. What have been a few of your highs and lows?

I think i'll save it for the Timeline project! Recently Daredevil and Ms. Marvel have been highs for me. A lot of the other things that i liked seemed to get cancelled as soon as they were getting started, and i just seemed out of sync with Marvel's current philosophy. But i'll see how it goes when i get to these things again. You know, in 10 years or so. ;-)

Fair enough, Personally, I thought you'd have to write an essay to on which comics you liked considering you've been 'Obsessively putting our comics in chronological order since 1985.' So I wasn't expecting a long answer, cheers, anyway.

judging by what I have read until now, the post-secret wars scenario is not a reboot at all...

la la la la la i can't hear youuuuuuu.....