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Vinegar Juice

My friend wnkr mentioned how her daughter had noticed all these "vinegar drinks" at the Asian supermarket over the weekend. Immediately, my attention was caught. Vinegar drinks? Tell me more. You see, i love (LOVE) drinking Chinese red vinegar. My mouth literally starts salivating at the thought of drinking some. So, clearly, i am going to be interested in vinegar drinks.

Fnord12 tried to convince me to get the grape flavored ones, but blech. I hate grape drinks.

There doesn't seem to be any attempt on the packaging to justify the addition of vinegar to fruit juice. Fnord12 says they didn't need to justify it. After hearing about it, i packed him up into a car and drove through rush hour traffic to get some. There's clearly a market.

I was pretty apprehensive with the first sip. I imagined it would be similar to apple cider vinegar (which smells like feet and is not something i would want to drink straight up), which would be terrible and then what would i do with the other 11 pouches? To my surprise, all i really tasted was fruit juice with a slight tang that i only detected if i tried really hard. Fnord12 refused to even take a sip. He said it stunk like vinegar and that was enough of a taste for him. My olfactory system seems to have a vinegar filter because i can't smell it at all.

Next time, i'm going to try pineapple. And i think i'm going to ask my aunt to get me some red vinegar for Christmas!

By min | October 5, 2015, 8:15 PM | My stupid life